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YouTube101: How to Upload Video


With the invention of YouTube, a whole new world opened up for people wanting to share video for personal and commercial uses.  YouTube video has become a rage in everything from sharing funny stories, funky music, and video of a family vacation.  Many companies use YouTube to market their products and services by showing customers video.  Making average amateur video into overnight sensations, YouTube has revolutionized the way the world receives video.  Indeed, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then YouTube video is priceless! 

The popularity of YouTube rests not only in the wide distribution of on-demand videos of every variety.  The ease at which you can upload and share through Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace bring millions of videos into the web every week.

If you are ready to start uploading your video to YouTube, then follow these simple steps to start your video career:

  • Sign up for a YouTube account.  You will have to have a valid email address because you must validate your account before activation.
  • Once your YouTube account is activated, sign in.
  • Click on the yellow “upload video” button the right.
  • Click on the silver “upload video” button and browse to the video on your computer.  When you click OK,
  • YouTube will start uploading your video; however, you are not done!
  • When the video upload is complete, start filling out the title and description portions of the form.  If this is a marketing or advertising video, be sure to use important keywords for SEO benefits.
  • Afterward, pick a category from the drop down menu that represents the subject matter of your video.
  • Pick one of the two privacy options.  If you want people to be able to find it in a YouTube search, then click on the “share with world” radio button.  If you want the video to only be viewable by certain people, then pick the “private” option.
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button and wait until you get a successful confirmation.

If you want to put your video on a blog, website, or email to share with others, then simply click on the “Embed and Sharing Options” link at the top right of the video box.  This will allow you to get a link to embed your YouTube URL.

Last, YouTube also allows you to use their “Auto Share Options” to connect to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader to tell the world about your new video!

Now that you know how to Upload a Video to YouTube, get out there and share your world with the world!