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Social Tip – Clearing the Clutter from Facebook Friends

thumbs-downYou know that irritating feeling when your Facebook notification feed is clogged with game requests, virus videos / apps (like “See Who is Looking at Your Profile”), and notifications of things from long past?

If you have been through one holiday season as a member of Facebook, then you have probably received more game requests that Christmas cards!

It is so maddening for so many people that there are a series of memes going around and around based on the desperation to STOP the game requests.

games       games2

Most of us have made the statement and carried through the process of deleting someone who WILL NOT quit sending game requests, opening virus spam videos/apps, or commenting on long-forgotten discussions.

But…there is hope for the masses in a few easy steps (works in most situations):

  • Step 1: When you see a game request, unwanted video/app, or off topic comment in your notification feed, go to the right side of the request and find the small X that says TURN OFF when you mouse over.


  • Step 2: Click the X to TURN OFF the notices.


  • Step 3: This will prompt a confirmation that you want to TURN OFF notifications from that app/game or post you do not want to see. Click on the TURN OFF button.


  • Step 4: REALLY IMPORTANT STEP – Some apps and videos are spam or viruses as they automatically send to your whole list of friends. Plus, as of now, it is not possible to see who has viewed your Facebook profile (after all, Facebook is NOT Linkedin!). If this notification falls into the spam category, then go ahead and click the link to REPORT THE APP FOR SPAM. This triggers a review by Facebook for removal from the platform. It is not an automatic removal. This only requests that Facebook review the content.


  • Step 5 – Breath Easier and share this post. The friends you save might be your own!



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