Let’s Chat – Three Ways Live Chat Increases Website Conversions

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Let’s face it.

In our fast paced world of texting, it is often hard to get potential customers to slow down long enough to look at your products or services on a website. The days of browsing a website to find answer to questions are long past. As millennials take social media and marketing into the next generation of buying cycles to include business engagement, many companies are left behind by antiquated form of communication like contact forms and phone numbers.

The next generation of website conversion will be live chat. Surprised? Consider this…

When you were a child and you needed to spell a word, did you go look it up for yourself or did you ask your parents?

Of course, you asked your parents (who probably told you to go look it up!). *smile*

Nothing has changed – the proof is all around you!

Last year, Google created a panic wave in companies across the web with the launch of “mobile-geddon.” This was Google declaring that the web, as we know it, was dead IF companies did not convert their websites over to mobile-friendly platforms to accommodate the large number of smartphone users.

Many companies conformed to this new idea of millennial marketing with shiny new responsive websites with mobile features, but most businesses missed the boat in conforming their communications networks and processes to fit the idea of a mobile optimized site with user-based features like Live Chat to avoid the need to search for answers to the simplest questions and escalate response to the immediate requests/concerns of visitors.

Here are three ways that live chat transforms your business communications to increase the marketing power of your website:

  1. Throwing a Line to a Drowning Person (Increase Trust) – The marketing rule of less is better applies to your customer base. Most people do not want to search for one answer throughout your website or dig for help in the middle of their own personal crisis with your product. Live Chat easily allows customers to find immediate satisfaction at the moment they need help or answers. Imagine the frustration of your customers waiting 24 hours for an email resolution or simple answer. Now, imagine those same customers receiving quick, on-demand customer service that eases the concern and addresses the issue. When you offer help in real-time, customers are more likely to feel like you are listening their needs and building a customer service experience to their door. This is your opportunity to turn a frown upside down – and Live Chat is your way to do it!
  2. Let Me Love You (Increase Sales) – It is rare today that companies really get to know their customer. When asked about their customer demographics, most can give you stats about age, race, gender, and education without batting an eye. The reality is that there is one big piece of the marketing and sales puzzle missing from all those demographics. The human element. Especially in our world of ApplePay and QuickPass, we expect buyers to be online ready when making purchasing decisions.

The reality is ….

  • A study called “Making Proactive Chat Work” conducted by Forrester Research found the following: “Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.”
  • An ATG Global Consumer Trend study found that 90% of customers consider live chat useful in their purchase decision.
  • An emarketer.com survey reported that 63% were more likely to return to a site with live chat.

The answers are clear. Many times, the difference between closing a sale through a website portal is the availability of a support person to answer questions and give qualified information to a customer.

  1. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Decrease Expenses) – Most companies do not consider Live Chat because of the added expense of buying a reliable Live Chat system, hiring customer service people, and training on product lines. In reality, when a customer is able to interact with an “actual person,” they are less likely to make mistakes during purchase or abandon a cart before completing a purchase. In this manner, website conversions increase because people are comfortable with their purchase choices AND handling of return items are likely to decrease. Moreover, the most frustrating experience for a warm lead is to sit waiting on the phone while the automated voice assures them that “their call is important to you.” There is too much competition in the marketplace to depend on old-fashioned phone calls to satisfy client needs and, simply put, your customers should not be waiting on your customer service.

The most important rule for deciding on a good marketing effort is to build in customer service efforts, like Live Chat, that help the customer build trust with the brand, proceed through the buying cycle, and convert to sales. It is clear from studies of human behavior and customer marketing response that Live Chat increases metrics for website conversion success while decreasing the negative impact, like long wait times, of providing effective customer service.

This is the millennial market – full of texting and chatting through social media – and Live Chat is the way you make the most of those consumer behaviors to turn express customer service into sales and website conversions.

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