Case Study – Budweiser vs GoDaddy “Lost Dog” Commercials

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, then you know two things.

First, this is totally about to happen……Super Bowl


Second, in the world of social media and marketing, two heavy weights went head-to-head with a clear loser!

GoDaddy and Budweiser (the long reigning champion of Super Bowl ads!) had a very different take on the same ad, “Lost Dog.”

While one, GoDaddy, decided to create an ad that enraged dog lovers and pet-friendly people across the country, Budweiser showed their chops as the King of Beers (and advertising) by doing what their audience loves best – good ole’ down home man, dog, horses, and beer.

As of this writing, Godaddy has received such an outpouring of hate posts on social media that they have apologized and pull the ad while Budweiser is the toast of beer towns everywhere.

Here…take a moment to compare the two efforts!

First…the WINNER!


Why?  Cardinal rule – market to your audience.  Most women buy beer for their house.  If not women, then the next largest segment, MEN, buy beer for their house, at the bar, and everywhere else.

While dogs have always been a man’s best friend, showing the prized family puppy who is lost only to finally make his way home where he has been sold on a GoDaddy site…well, the anger was coming in 3…2….1….meltdown.

On the other hand, it fills Americans with pride to know that the stronger (horses) protect the smaller (puppy) and everyone is welcomed home in the end with a bath, food, and a beer!  #BestBuds is a winner on all fronts!

A few quick marketing lessons from this throw down:

  • Marketing Lesson #1 – In short, the truth is that humor can backfire on you in a heartbeat and cost thousands of dollars. Know your audience first…and then, know what they find funny. After all, you know what they say about assuming…yes, it waste a ton of money and you lose your audience.
  • Marketing Lesson #2 – Make sure to check and double check with a marketing focus group if you are going to release a commercial before millions of people at the biggest sport event of the year.
  • Marketing Lesson #3 – There are no hostages in social media…only casualties. Check and double check the pulse of the market before you step into the ring with the champ. If you are going to openly mock a brand that practically OWNS a medium, market, or segment, then you need to make sure you are target.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and let us know what you think are the best ads for 2015.

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