Four Tips To Apply to All Social Media

social-media-marketingMany businesses that try to execute a social media campaign start a Facebook or Twitter account without stopping to examine WHY or HOW!

In truth, the real reasons for starting a social media campaign are branding, engagement, and search engine optimization.  It is very easy to burn out using social media because many people think that it is just time…right?

It does not cost anything to engage in social media.  Actually, nothing is further from the truth.

Here are some quick tips for new social media start-ups:

  1. Go slow.  Don’t think that you will become an overnight sensation in social media.  It does not work that way.  People have a natural skepticism and you have to be prepared to hold hands before you date!
  2. Plan your effort.  Get together a plan of what social media you will focus on and what will be the best avenue for approach.  If you try to start Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube all at once, you will quickly become overwhelmed and end the effort.
  3. Manage your time.  Most people who start social media accounts find themselves loosing large amounts of time engaging in posting, blogging, and tweeting.  Set a scheduled amount of time and stick to it!  Time is money…and you can easily loose hours in social media.
  4. ROI.  Measure what you are doing and repeat what is working!  Every social media should be connected to Google Analytics so it can be measured in real time.

With these quick tips, social media can be both a long term goal and a short term gain.


Let’s fix your social media campaign!

The average person takes 15 minutes to drink a cup of coffee.  I can teach you to make that 15 minutes the most productive marketing minutes of your day…everyday.

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As every traveler knows, a road map is necessary to chart a course to any destination.  Of course, these days, we use a GPS or Siri to give us point-by-point instructions.  The same logic applies to a strong social media strategy.
To build a social media campaign that draws traffic, it is necessary to have a fortified foundation combined with a clear path of goals, timelines, milestones, and measurement.

What I will NOT do is throw a lot of statistics at you to pressure you into participating because I believe that you need to know HOW – not WHY!  You probably already know the WHY!

To be successful in this class – your question has to be HOW!

In “Execute a Successful Social Media Campaign in 15 Minutes a Day,” attendees will learn:
•    Why use social media? – Demographics
•    Which social sites are crucial for your business? – Planning
•    How to find the right materials and time to post? – Strategy
•    How to grow and maintain a user base on social sites? – Case Studies
•    Social Media in 15 minutes per Day – Create a daily / monthly plan for 15 minute segments.

Finally, we will some proven methods such as tagging (and hash tagging) and keyword optimization, engaging audience participation and growth of reputation is planned from start to finish.

Only $39.95 for 11 full lessons!


See video review and find out more today….


Plus, included in this class is:
•    Our Social Media Dictionary – Social Media in Clear Terms
•    Planning Worksheet to help you get off on the right foot.
•    Slides from this class to let you refer back to information as needed.

So come on…its perfect acceptable to be lost in the world of social media.  What is not accepted is to stay lost.  It is costing your business time and money!


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