Customer Centric Marketing: Learning to Love Your Customers

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“Do you love your customers?”

I waited while she tried to formulate an answer.  And waited.  And…oh yeah…waited some more.  Seeing she was obviously struggling for expression, I prompted her again.

“How do you show your customers that they are important to you?”

I send a card at Christmas,” she offered, unhappy with the path of the conversation.

I leaned forward in my chair.  The “Ah Ha!” moment that every marketer waits for…lives for…dreams of was coming to the surface!

And then the explosion hit!

“So, you are saying that I contact them once a year with a Christmas card.  You are saying that my marketing efforts are wasted because I don’t hold my customers hands by sending them cute little cards on their birthday or anniversary with the company?”

“No, I am saying that your current customers are the most valuable thing your company owns.  And, without an outreach marketing program designed at retaining their business, you are not maximizing your marketing dollars.  They will start to base their purchasing decisions on price instead of value.  In this economy, do you really want to compete on price alone?”

The Solution

There is lots of chatter about the economy.  The simple reality is that cutting your marketing budget will not bring the savings needed to make a difference.  For most, the loss of exposure is painful for many years.

Learning to use marketing dollars  to leave your mark in your customers minds converts those marketing dollars back into sales with interest by retaining your present customer base.


Now, there is the million dollar question. 

Most companies miss the answer completely by lumping it under the “Customer Service” category.  By polling the interests, concerns, and issues of your present clients, you can target your marketing campaigns toward your current customer base with a speed that might seem like ESP!

And it is…an extra special perspective when you look at your customers from a customer service point of view.

Examples of solution based marketing for customer outreach include:

  • Articles, Podcasts, and Video that instruct or fix a problem.
  • Coupon, Promos, and Contest that gives a reason to interact.
  • Email Marketing and Surveys that continually ask for input.

Many of our customers are confused about social media such as LinkedIn.  Last month, we did a podcast with article on how to make the most of LinkedIn.  We received SO MANY emails of appreciation! 

This month, at customer request, we will do a video on how to complete and SEO a blog posting! 

So I ask you:  “How do you show your customers that they are important to you?”


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  1. You made some compelling points, thanks for sharing them. Customer feedback should always be a major focus, even more so during economically challenging times. Online surveys are one of the best ways to gain insight into your customer’s mindset in order for you to market your product/service/brand as effectively as you can – especially when you can do the research for very little $$ or even for free.

  2. Donna,

    I completely agree. Surveys are a great way to gain customer insight and an invaluable marketing tool.


  3. Devon–Customers are gold! We must treat them like it! ~~Dee

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