Top Marketing Mistakes: Don’t Let This Happen To You

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As the year draws to a close, we are focused on evaluating our progress and measuring our growth.  Commanded by the highest marketing laws, we know that monitoring progress against goals while factoring ROI (return on investment) insures the highest opportunity for success for any business.  And…marketing is no different!

The most interesting part of what we found is that our marketing materials were so outdated that we barely recognized our old service line, branding, logo, and slogan.  Although we take measuring our goals and adjusting our services very seriously, our marketing materials (like this blog!) had fallen behind the times in an effort to serve our clients.  No excuses…we just were not representing ourselves in the best marketing light possible.

And then, I started to wonder how many other business owners are guilty of just the same thing.  Over three years of growth, we have added powerful marketing services like blogging and social media, but our marketing materials did not say that.  We have expanded our marketing and advertising offerings to include Project Management and Virtual Assistants trained in electronic distribution services, but…you guessed it…our marketing materials did not say that either. 

In short, we started the last quarter of this year with a goal of redesigning ourselves so that we can begin with a new outlook on our business and what we provide to our clients. 

Here is our marketing challenge for this month:  Take a look at all of your marketing materials with a fresh eye and ask these seven questions:

  1. Are my branding, logo, and slogan consistent with my marketing message?
  2. Are all of my services and products represented in a tight sales package?
  3. Are there place that we are spending money on traditional advertising or marketing when we could go electronic to reach a larger audience for less?
  4. Does my website provide a doorway or a road block for potential clients seeking information about my company?
  5. Are there marketing expenditures that I wasting money on because I don’t want to take the trouble to find a new route or discontinue the service?
  6. Are my marketing materials helping me achieve my marketing and sales goals?
  7. Am I readily able to measure the return on investment of each marketing dollar?

Really take some time to dig into your marketing expenditures and your marketing materials.  Either way, your marketing materials will contribute to your ability to “Leave Your Mark.”  Leaving a positive mark gains clients, increases sales, and grow your business.

Visit us today….join our group…and Leave Your Mark.


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    Thank you for reading. Glad it helped. ~~Dee

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